Cosas que no entiendo:

El olor de mi hija es lo más hermoso que he olido, huele mejor que todo lo más bonito, huele mejor que un juguito de mandarina en otoño, la tierra mojada, las lluvias de verano, huele mejor que la lavanda la vainilla y el café…

No es lo que yo pensaba

Yo pensé que mi maternidad sería un despertar espiritual lleno de Oms y meditaciónes con mi bebé donde las dos respirariamos sincronizadas todas las mañanas…
Pensé que nunca calentaría un café en el microondas.


I was asked again about what I lost when I became a mother, I usually answer in a very polite way but to be honest it infuriates me, the questions itself is an offense, please stop asking women this offensive question, please stop asking women offensive questions. Women are asked all kinds of offensive questionsSigue leyendo “WHAT I LOST IN MOTHERHOOD”


I used to be able to watch myself in any situation, to look at the whole scene like I was someone else, unattached, completely aware, but not for the past year. I feel like someone blindfolded me and left, now I’m wandering blindly in a room full of stairs.


One time I thought I was in love, love at first sight, it felt like silence, I actually felt silence, it feels like when someone punches you in the stomach and the whole world goes quiet, some people think that is  romantic, I think that’s ominous, but I thought it was love.


4 years ago the only cousin I have that looks like I do sneeze and Valentina was born,  a tiny monkey, so tiny no one thought she was going to make it…